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Outcast Kickstarter

"Taking one of the most engrossing open-world action adventure game ever, and bringing it to the modern age of video-gaming."

Good moon Adelphians,


When we started this campaign, I was so excited that I could not imagine that we could eventually fail. Shame on me! This same over-confidence, this same craziness and this same adventurousness, which 15 years ago led us to create the original game, lead us to face the harsh reality of this Kickstarter failure which could have been avoided with a bit more time, thinking and upfront money.


We have received backing from over 5,100 of you for about $253.000, which is an amazing average pledge level. We are profoundly grateful and deeply touched by this amazing generosity.


Unfortunately, despite a rather good start, the pitch and the content we presented were not attractive enough to convince more backers (especially those who didn't play the original game) and did not manage to reach the overestimated funding goal of $600.000. 


Thanks so much for your support

This was our first KS campaign and we did a number of mistakes. Before launching the campaign, we knew that we were lacking content and the goal was high but we did not take the measure of their impact on the failure of the project.


We should have set a lower initial goal from the beginning, include more platforms, provide more attractive and more professional videos, lower the next-gen console stretch goal, post more updates with more attractive content, properly plan these updates in advance to free our time for promoting the campaign. We should have better explain the key features of the game and the high quality values of this remake compared to the original, do not mix old gen gameplay with new gen rendering, and ultimately, we should have shown a gameplay demo with the new characters or at least a representative trailer. Unfortunately we didn't have enough assets to produce a trailer due to tight financing and we expected this funding to really "kickstart" the project.


I think we made a wrong assumption from the start, thinking that the original game could be our “draft prototype” and let people imagine how good the game could be just by showing the first glimpse of the environment in HD and a list of improvements, while asking folks to trust us based on the experience of the team. Part of that, is of course due to a lack of upfront financing which also forced us to rush the campaign. I really hope that we’ll be able to sort this point for the next step.

Sure we made mistakes...

Thanks to you, Outcast has started to revive anyway !

Too bad we didn't reach this goal, but this will not prevent Outcast to revive, quite the contrary, it will enable us to drive more people. You guys already provided some very good feedback, meaningful comments and advice regarding how to improve in the event of a new KS funding. Rest assured that we keep reading every comment with attention, as someone has mentioned, this is a gold mine !


We are profoundly grateful to all the backers and the fans. You've been supporting us from the very beginning with outstanding involvement, you helped us to improve and you provided meaningful feedback throughout the campaign. Some of you really spent a lot of time and energy to spread the word and to promote this campaign, that’s wonderful and very motivating !


We are also profoundly grateful to the game press, the bloggers and the radios who covered this Kickstarter with a lot of attention. Franck has been interviewed by dozen of journalists who really cared about Outcast. The following page is an excerpt of all the online magazines which covered this campaign. Most of them did several articles. Too bad we did not enough updates with proper content for them.

This campaign was very exciting and rewarding and gives this amazing opportunity of gathering the Outcast community.

Thanks to your commitment and the overall feedback we received, we truly believe, more than ever, that this project deserves to be done and we are more than eager to make it happen. Will it be through another Kickstarter or another crowdfunding platform, paypal, private investment, some bank loans, public support, distributor deals or a mix of all that, we will see.


Now, time is for analysis and thinking of the different options we have to finance this project given the economic reality. It may require some time and we'll do our best to share with you any significant information we might have regarding the next step.


In the meantime, we may bother you a little by sending surveys in the coming weeks to get your feedback on various topics. Please take time to answer, your feedback is very valuable to us.

The Game isn't over yet.

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