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Fresh3D is an independent game developer, publisher and technology provider since 2004. With the help of our proprietary FreshEngine™ technology for PSP™, PlayStation®3, XboxOne, Playstation®4, VITA and PC, we develop quality products within decent timeframes and budgets. Our latest project involved providing rendering technology and framework for XboxOne launch title 'Fighter Within'.




Technical Director

I am CEO and Technical Director at Fresh3D. For over 26 years, I have been developping game, always trying to push the limits of the hardware. I had the chance to work on Amiga, PC, PS2, PSP, PSVita, PS3, X360 and XB1. I am fascinated by this alchemy between art, gameplay and technology.


It all started at Ubi Soft in 1987 where I put my hand on a Commodore 64. I released my first game on Amiga in 1990, it was called Unreal. Then, I developed several coin-up games on our own designed hardware board, the most successful was Ultimate Tennis. In 1995, I co-founded Appeal and was Technical Director on Outcast and Outcast 2 preproduction. In 2003, I also had a contribution to the rendering engine of 'Indiana Jones PS2' for Collective in Newport Beach. In 2004, I came back to France and founded Fresh3D to focus on FreshEngine for consoles. Since 10 years, I tailored the architecture of the engine to support various generation of consoles and high end PC.

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Franck SAUER

Creative Director

I'm Co-Owner and Creative Director at Fresh3d and was co-director on the original Outcast. I have over 26 years of industry experience, and you can read details about all the games I've been working on at my website



I love video games. Like many, I like playing them, but my real passion is about making them. To me, video games is the most creative and complete form of entertainment. It combines all other forms of entertainment and adds interactivity on top. What makes me tick is the intricate combination of art and technology that is required to make a game. I love to make visuals, sounds and music, write stories, develop universes and implement interactions. Don't we have two brains? Maybe we've been designed to make games!

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We are working whith a talented and experienced team of senor artists, game programmers and designers.



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